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Moodle in the Workplace

Workplace learning is completely different from academic learning.

The relationship between the learner and the "teacher" ( the "learning" ) is usually focused in a specific tool or outcome, and will only exist for a short period of time - sometimes only half and hour, as opposed to a semester, or even year long academic course.

The learning is also usually individual, rather than collaborative, well in the online environment anyway. Colllaborative activities in the workplace tend to be held face to face, in special real-world environments for team building / bonding.

The demographic in the workplace will also be quite different, with the target audience not familiar with, or appreciative of an acadaemic style of learning. Therefore the materials will need to created with more multi-media content. The language and style, amount of content per sitting, etc, needs to be suited to this enviroment.

Courses developed for an academic environment do not easily translate to a workplace setting.