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Moodle LMS

Moodle is the predominant online Learning Management System (LMS) available today. It provides browser based access to all functions, so that students and teachers can access it everywhere, at home, at school, or at work.

Our e-Learning experts have the ability to provide all facets of setting up your online learning environment.

It is important to address these areas:


You must create a plan for your learning environment, identify the roles and relevant staff to manage the system, and create and teach the courses you will create. You may even need to purchase pre-built course material, or commission bespoke course material.

We can assist in developing a Strategic Plan for implementation in your business or learning environment. Failing to Plan is planning to fail.



Normally Learning Mangement Systems are hosted at a Data Centre. This is a location suitable for Web Servers. Backup power, redundant internet connectivity, and staff to manage it all.

Onlearn has it's servers hosted in two different cities, to ensure a high quality of service.



Like driving a car, you and your staff will require training to administer and teach using your LMS.

We can provide all levels of training for the various roles required in administering and managing your LMS. The first will be the Site Administrator(s), and then those responsible for content creation. We then deal with those responsible for teaching the courses online.




Content Development




On going Support