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Course Authoring


This Course covers the elements of authoring online courses.

The course is divided into four sessions  covering all areas:


1 - Session One:  Overview

This session provides an overview and guided tour of what is current practice for online learning. We take a look at the tools available within the LMS, and also the external tools such as Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Microsoft Office, Open Office, as well as docment standards such as PDF, etc.

2 -Session Two: How to Structure an Online Course

This session provides instruction in creating the structure course material, from Learning Objectives through to Final Assessment.

3 - Session Three:  Assessment tools

This session gives the course participants an opportunity to learn more about how to use the assessment tools effectively, and integrate that into the overall course structure.

4 - Session Four:  Media & Graphics

This session provides instruction in integrating graphics and various media formats into your online course. We cover the techniques to make it work well, as well as some basics about the technologies involved.