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Facilitator / Tutor Role

The course is divided into four sessions covering all areas:


1 - Session One:  Overview

This session provides an overview and guided tour of the LMS from a teacher / tutor / facilitators point of view.

2 -Session Two: How to Manage Students / Participants

This session provides instruction in managing the students during the presentation of both a fully online, and a blended mode course. This covers the issues that will arise with assisting students use online content, and how to communicate with students using messaging and email. Also the managment of submitted content such as assignments.

3 - Session Three:  Managing Content

This session gives the necessary instruction in how to use the various types of content to best effect. This is nessary as each ahs a value, and they must be used appropriately.

4 - Session Four:  Assessment and Reporting

This last session provides instruction in the various modes of aseessment, and how a teacher can monitor the progress and achievement of students during, and finally at the end of a course presented online.