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Managing Participants in Business


Managing Particiapnts in Business Training is a one day course designed to impart skills in managing participants in a Business environment, as distinct form an Educational one. At schools and universities, students are in a relationship with the teaching organisation that is quite different to that of a staff member undergoing work training.

The course is divided into four sessions  covering all areas:


1 - Session One:  Overview

This session provides an overview of best practices for Staff Training.

2 -Session Two: How to Support Users

This session provides instruction in how to support and assist business users, with reference to their pattern of use of the LMS.

3 - Session Three:  Teaching Styles

This session gives instruction in the different teaching styles required for Business environments, with a focus on the principle of assumed competency, which is a technique for allowing those with current skills to compelte the training quickly .

4 - Session Four:  Administration

This session provides instruction in managing the user data and integration with HR systems.