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Site Administrator


Site Administrator Training is a one day course designed to teach the mechanics and systems of administering an online LMS.

The course is divided into four sessions covering all areas:


1 - Session One:  Overview

This session provides an overview and guided tour of the LMS from an Administrators point of view.

2 -Session Two: How to Manage Users and Roles

This session provides instruction in managing the User Base of an LMS. This defines the fundamental roles of administrator, teacher and student, and examines how custom roles such as course creators and non-editing teachers are used.

3 - Session Three:  Managing Content

This session gives the necessary instruction in how to manage Course Categories, backup and restore features, and how to design a Course Structure, and make that accessible for teachers and students alike based on role assignments.

4 - Session Four:  Site Management

This last session provides instruction in managing look and feel of the site, and provides ways to assess the functioning and "health" of the system, and how to configure the various options required day to day.