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Project Management

Project Management


Online learning projects are quite different from traditional (learning) projects. In general they involve greater variety and complexity. An online learning project is actually two or more projects: a software project, a media project, all combined with a performance enhancement ('training') project.

That means MORE scope, MORE stakeholders, MORE risk, MORE duration, MORE budget pressures, and MORE opportunities for communication to fail.


Fail to plan, Plan to Fail

The advent of the Web has led to an explosion in Online learning options and possibilities. With each passing day new Online learning products and services are being designed, developed and implemented. Regardless of the form Online learning takes, a common theme is the need for each project to be well managed.


Project Management Services

With our combined experience of over 80 years in managing technology related projects, we believe we can achieve the goals expected for effective and meaningful Online learning implementation.

Our role can extend from the usual planning and strategic vision, through to the Site Administration of your LMS.


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